AI Surveillance

Active InSite is security camera company providing surveillance solutions for homes and businesses.
We can integrate your current security camera system with our upgrades. Often we can use your exisiting CCTV infrastructure to upgrade your current system. Take advantage of the newest software that allows for artificial intellgence to notify you when a human enters your property.
artificial intelligence camera


We are experts in the field of Automated License Plate Recogntion.
Automated License Plate Recogntion (ALPR): A technology that uses optical character recognition and image processing techniques to automatically detect, read, and analyze license plates on vehicles. It is commonly used in law enforcement, traffic management, and security applications.

We offer comprehensive solutions for managing vehicle license plate databases.

Mobile Access and Remote Monitoring

Monitor your home or business with real-time alerts and easily review footage through a mobile app.
We install surveillance systems with artificial intelligence to manage and track business operations.
We can protect your home or business with AI security cameras that can trigger sirens and lights.
Reviewing security camera footage via a phone app or laptop is made easy with PC based AI surveillance software.

mobile phone camera app

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