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Integrating Hidden Cameras into Landscape Lighting

Active Insite Company Project Santa Fe NM, Septemeber 30th, 2023
Axis F41 Camera integrated into light pole Axis F41 Camera integrated into light pole2

Custom hidden surveillance cameras, powered by Axis F series technology, are cleverly concealed within outdoor lamp posts.

When motion is detected via a PIR motion sensor, the low-voltage lighting system activates the lamp and simultaneously triggers the Axis camera and surveillance software for recording.

Employee Talent

Stone Walkways Santa Fe NM, March 23rd, 2023
Stone walkway 1 Santa Fe NM Stone walkway 2 Santa Fe NM

Juan has been busy crafting beautiful stone paths. His workmanship is truly exquisite. Request a quote 832-266-5169

Gate Access Control

Active InSite provides Gate Access Control, March 1st, 2023

Active InSite now provides enhanced gate access control using facial recogntion, cell phone gate opener activation, keypad programming, and license plate recognition. Monitor and let someone in from anywhere with your smartphone even without internet or phone access to your gate.

Employee Project

Astronomy Online, February 4th, 2023

Our Server hosts hosts a number of employee projects, including a remote online telescope anyone can use to look at the stars. Visit Canyon's Edge Observatory for more details. Intended for amateur astronomers to use remotely, this project is currently being developed and may experience periodic downtime.

Community Project

San Miguel VFD Dispatch Recorder, January 12th, 2023
fire department page

The Active InSite Server hosts an EMS dispatch alert system for New Mexico volunteer fire departments. Listen to the latest emergency chatter Here

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