Services Offered by Active InSite

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Active InSite offers comprehensive surveillance solutions for your property.
We can often use your existing hardware and infrastructure when upgrading your security camera system. We also offer security camera prewire for new construction of homes and businesses. Learn more.

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Active InSite is a licensed low voltage electrical contractor serving Albuquerque and Santa Fe New Mexico
From new construction prewire, to in wall retrofit, our low voltage electricians can wire your property with alarm sensors, ethernet, cable TV coax, low voltage lighting, smoke detectors, Audio and Video, and fiber optic cable.

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We provide security solutions for homes and businesses. We offer professional prewire and installation services to ensure that your alarm system is installed properly and working correctly. Our company can also upgrade your current alarm system with the latest technology to allow for remote monitoring and control. Learn more.

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We offer exceptional web design services for businesses in Albuquerque & Santa Fe.
Learn more.

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We provide a wide range of IT services to help businesses of all sizes manage their technology needs.

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Active InSite specializes in providing access control solutions, offering comprehensive and advanced security measures for businesses and homeowners to control and monitor access to their premises, ensuring maximum security and peace of mind. Click Here to learn more.